All you need to know about camus cognac

One of the most revered and famous brandy in the world is the camus cognac which is a conundrum. Known as a luxury item on account of its history, quality and packaging, cognac is in fact pretty affordable and becoming more popular as people have learnt to appreciate and enjoy the excellent flavor of various cognac brands.

The Camus company have produced an excellent cognac that is very popular in Europe and Asian markets. However the US market is also being targeted by the Camus company. Camus cognac is softer and gentler on one’s palate. This new line of cognac is being showcased as “Elegance” and it stresses on the elegant fruity flavor of grapes instead of the fiery sprit of the alcohol.

The Camus cognac Elegance VS is excellent and can be used as a mixing spirit for your cocktails. It has a rich amber color and smells of butterscotch and fruit. After the initial sip one can taste the intense flavor of crisp apple, butterscotch, black pepper as well as mellow muted baking spices.

The camus cognac Elegance VS is very mellow and produces a warm glow of satisfaction of a rare and fine cognac even though in reality it is a young cognac. Priced moderately it is an ideal choice. The camus cognac was produced in 1863. Manufactured by the Camus family for almost five generations, it was first sold by Jean Baptiste Camus who was the founder of the company under the brand name “La Grande Marque”. This cognac was shipped to the UK where it sold extremely well. After this initial success, Camus decided to change the brand name to “Camus La Grand Marque”. Needless to say that this brand of Cognac was produced in the factory which is in Cognac, France.

The camus cognac has won many awards on international levels because of its perfect reputation for its taste, excellence and design. This wonderful cognac has delighted many not only because of the flavor but because of the exquisite decanter and its design to the delicious aroma!

Some of the features of the camus cognac are its simple yet spectacular gift case that displays, protects and enhances the cognac, the velvet and harmonious blend of old cognacs from regions like Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Borderies so that the result is an explosion of wonderful flavors and aromas; superb glass and metal decanter that has precise angles, soft contours and the purity of design etc.

Camus cognac has a golden color that has shades of mahogany. The aroma is subtle yet elegant with pastry and vanilla notes that blend with the scent of candied fruit. The Camus XO Elegance is one of the finest cognacs sold that has been aged in the cellars of the camus family owned house. None can deny that this cognac has flamboyant character with its intense color and wealth of delicious aromas. The Camus VSOP Elegance is also a superior product that has notes of almond and grapefruit. Subtle on the palate it is an excellent cognac.

The Camus cognac Cuvee 3.128 is precious cognac that has rich flavors and bottled in Baccarat Crystal. The cognac is in total harmony to the beautiful hand crafted crystal. This makes the cognac a limited and rare edition.