Cognac extra – popular brands selected just for you

Cognac is graded according to the age of the beverage and cognac extra specifies that the minimum it needs to be aged is six years; but the average age is much longer than the required number of years. Cognac extra is older than cognac Napoleon or XO. The age of the cognac is calculated as that of the youngest eau de vie in the blend. To make it easier we will sort Cognac extra according to the brands.

Courvoisier Cognac Initiale Extra is a rare blend of more than 60 very old eaux de vie that are aged to their very peak for many decades. It is a complex and deep cognac with layers of fragrant truffle, cedar and cinnamon. Courvoisier Initiale Extra originates from the Grande Champagne and Borderies crus.

It is best enjoyed neat to enjoy its subtle flavors. It is recommended that the cognac be left untouched for a minute after being poured allowing it a breathing time. It is priced at about $250 and some of the web sites offer 27% discount on the order of 6 bottles.

High end brand named L’Essence de Courvoisier from this house comes in a crystal decanter. It is a fine blend of over 100 rare eaux de vies and has a flowery, nutty taste with hints of caramel and honey.

Cognac Extra Richard Hennessy is named after the world famous house of Hennessey and comes in a hand made Baccarat decanter. It is blended from more than 100 fine eaux de vie that are aged for about 200 years in oak barrels. It has an alcohol content of 40% usual for all cognac, and its bouquet presents great vanilla aroma, spices and flowery notes. Richard Hennessey Extra is an intense cognac that is both balanced and complex. It is the winner of 2010 world spirit competition winning the gold.

One of the world famous brand of cognac is the Remy Martin that produces cognac extra scoring 93 points given by the Beverage Tasting Institute. This is Remy Martin at its excellent best, the dark orange liquid that is full bodied having nutty aroma with nuances of herbs. It also produces the Remy Martin Extra Perfect Cognac that stands for luxury, elegance and refinement. It is embodiment of champagne cognac and its magical taste lies in its perfect balance, originality and its rare age. It retails at around $798 – $800.

Martell Extra cognac brandy is known for its superior quality and is produced by blending eaux de vie from the four finest growing areas in cognac. The house of Martell produces Martell Extra Creation Grand Cognac(winner 2010, silver International wine and spirit competition); Martell Extra Cohiba decanter, Martell Extra L’Orde Jean Martell (winner,2010 silver). With the legendary bottles Martell Cordon Bleu, Martell L’Orde Jean Martell and Creation Grand Extra, the cognac house has implanted itself in the luxury goods market.

Other brands include Frapin Extra Grande Champagne Cognac that comes in 700ml bottle, you can buy a 50ml bottle if you want to give it a try, aged for 40 -50 years. Leopold Gourmel cognac brings two variants of extra cognac, Leopold Gourmel Extra Age des Fleurs 15 Carats Cognac that is supposed to be perfect for the hunting season; and Leopold 20 Carats Age de Epices which is a very old cognac which is good to have with a good meal.

Whether it is Remy martin cognac extra which is full bodied, dry with a deep cast or a Courvoisier extra that is deep and complex with fragrant layers, any cognac extra you decide to enjoy depending on the brand you like; one thing that is sure is that it provides an ultimate experience in enjoying your beverage.