Cognac glasses: know all about them

Cognac is one of the most refined, elegant and popular after dinner beverage. To savor its fine flavor and appreciate the nuances of this luxurious drink use of proper cognac glasses is vital. Cognac glasses are of two types, namely the long stemmed tulip shaped glass that is most preferred by the connoisseurs and the snifter or the balloon shaped glass with a short stem.

There are several brands available today to choose the cognac glasses of your taste and budget. Brands like Riedel, Waterford crystal, Spiegelau, Normann- Copenhagen, Anchor hocking have an amazing collection of cognac glasses in various price range.

Made in Austria by the world renowned glass makers Riedel makes six different types of cognac glasses to serve different cognacs. For example, the Riedel Vinum Cognac Hennessy Cocktail Glass balances the aroma and you will detect no pungent fumes as the flute shape allows very small evaporation of its contents. This glass is recommended for cognac XO, VSOP, and Ugni Blanc (Cognac).

The price range varies from $39.99 to $139.95 (for the Hennessy cocktail glass mentioned above) and discounts are offered by the different web sites if you choose to shop for these online.

Waterford Crystal is the name synonymous with the producers of finest crystal in the world. Their craftsmanship, amazing designs and stringent quality makes them the leaders in crystal ware. They launched a line of hand made, mouth blown crystal glasses called Connoisseur Gold Collection that are made in Brazil.

It includes various designs that include cognac VSOP (6 ounce) and Cognac (20 ounce) glasses. It has a god tint at the base of the stem that justifies the term “Connoisseur Gold”. These cognac glasses have a clean classic shape designed to capture the aroma and taste of the spirit.

Designed by Rikke Hagen, the beautiful and functional Normann Copenhagen cognac glasses are the swirling glasses without the stem. Hold it in your palm and gently swirl the liquid in it to release its flavors and when you place it on the table these cognac glasses will gently rotate before coming to rest. A great gift for someone who appreciates and savors his drink, it retails at $80 at for set of two.

Spiegelau Cognac Glasses come in a set of six that are perfect for casual or formal gatherings. Spiegelau are dedicated to produce the highest quality cognac glasses that are not only high on aesthetics but are value for money too. It is very well suited for the contemporary and exciting life style and aims at providing the ultimate experience in enjoying your cognac.

Anchor Hocking, a popular brand in the U S A has some of the finest glass ware to offer. They have the premium glass ware collection and also offer 9 ounce Brandy stem glass in a set of twelve that can greatly enhance your pleasure of savoring your drink.

The various brands mentioned above and the glasses they offer are a beautiful combination of function and pleasure. Each of this glass is constructed with consideration to its content, aroma, temperature and volume. The shape of cognac glasses is such that it increases the intimate experience of drinking cognac by accentuating its deep color and bringing about its flavors.