Experience the rich history of cognac Remy Martin

Cognac is popularly known as the mother of brandy and cognac Remy Martin from the Cognac region of France is one of the more famous and preferred cognacs. It’s history dates back to 1724 when Remy Martin, a French winemaker founded the company which is now owned by Remy Cointreu, a company founded in 1991.

In the class of fine champagnes, Remy Martin is well known to cognac enthusiasts, many would say that it is exclusively for the connoisseurs. Not surprising, since it comes from the areas of the Cognac region which are the two best ones. it’s of a little wonder then that this was the cognac selected to toast queen Elizabeth when she visited France in 1957.

The class this cognac made itself apparent when Lois XV granted Remy Martin the exceptional right to plant new vines despite the ban of 1731. There was never a looking back for this excellent spirit. In 1870, the mythical centaur symbol was adopted to represent Remy Martin. It was chosen because it represented Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of Paul Remy Martin, and for the world this symbol has been synonymous with cognac at its best.

However, it was in 1898 that Paul Emile Remy Martin realised the true potential of this cognac and it was hereafter its journey to the top began. The Remy Martin Fine Champagne V.S.O.P was launched in 1927 and it was an instant success as people were very quick to recognise its class and superior quality. The brand went international in 1937 when Remy Martin established itself as the official supplier to the royal and imperial courts in the United States Of America and Singapore in 1967.

1938 was the year for new accolades with the French government recognising the complementing qualities of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the only blend of two crus resulting in the protection of AOC(the French law of 1938). This meant Remy Martin’s superior quality acquired a legal recognition. Thereafter, remaining true to history, from 1948, the House of Remy Martin decided to blend All of its cognac from the above mentioned crus.

In 1965, Remy Martin signed the first contracts with distillers and winegrowers from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne and the Alliance Fine Champagne was formed. In 1972, Remy Martin acquired another identity which became synonymous with its name, which was the dark frosted green bottle with VSOP as the distinctive labels on the containers. It quickly went on to get worldwide acclaim.

History makes its presence felt even now as nothing has changed in the making process of Remy Martin since 1924. The grapes that are used even now only come from the two regions of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Distillation is still done as it was done then – on the lees in small copper stills, which results in a complex spirit with a rich flavour. All the barrels that used for the aging process are made from French oak called Limousin, which gives it a greater aroma.

While being steeped in tradition, Remy Martin understands its commitment to nature and the ecosystem and is committed to environmentally friendly winemaking procedures. It is also contributing to a reforestation project along with the United Nations Environmental Program.

Little wonder then, that Cognac Remy Martin remains the first choice of a true connoisseur and will be so forever.