Have a few of these in your cognac collection

Cognac, the luxurious cousin to brandy gets its name from the town cognac where it comes from. There is a wide variety of cognac collection available today and most of the cognac lovers like it for its rich flavor that is out of the world. Cognac has been there since more than 3 centuries and its rich history makes the beverage all the more special. It is a drink to enjoy and relax and not to get drunk. Your collection of cognac must include the very best that is available in the market today.

About 85% of the cognac market is taken by Remy martin, Courvoisier, Hennessey, and Martell. The cognac is graded according to the number of years that goes into its ageing. A little bit of information that may be helpful to understand what each type means. Cognac VS means very special, cognac VSOP means very special old pale and XO means extra special.

Courvoisier cognac is one of the finest cognacs that are distilled to perfection and each sip is full of flavor. Its perfection comes from the complexity of layers after layers of aroma and has a refined taste that makes every single sip most enjoyable. From the smooth and distinct taste of Courvoisier VSOP to Courvoisier XO the exquisite cognac that is full of depth and complexity you can be sure that any cognac with a Courvoisier name is the one that is sophisticated and high on taste. Courvoisier VSOP is aged for eight to twelve years and is gold caramel colored and you get the taste of oak with a nutty finish. The XO variant is of course far richer having being aged for 25-30 years. It tastes of caramel, chocolate, nut, oak and orange all put together and is very smooth. The price of Courvoisier VSOP is around $30 -$40 where as the XO retails at $140 – $150.

Remy Martin Cognac is the world’s best selling VSOP cognac. More than a century went into perfecting this cognac and discerning customers from around the world recognize its superiority. Having a Remy Martin in your cognac collection is an absolute for any true cognac lover. The Louis XII collection of Remy Martin is the highest quality cognac available and is made from 100% Grand Champagne Grapes, a drink of perfection. Remy Martin XO is of extraordinary quality, great taste and color and comes in an exquisite XO bottle, bringing an unique experience in enjoying your cognac. Remy Martin VSOP is for those who desire a cognac for its taste and classiness, its exquisite taste comes from finest champagne grapes and is aged for double number of years than required.

French cognac is associated with the French town of Cognac that bears its name. The region that produces the finest brandies, the cognac come form grapes grown in the region. It is a smooth drink with a heady taste and subtle difference in blending and aging processes account for the difference in VS and VSOP.

Hennessy Cognac represents the one third of the cognac market. Hennessy has VS, VSOP, and XO variant and they all have distinct characteristic. VS is a powerful bouquet and displays a beautiful bright golden color. It combines the sweetness of red fruits and a dash of vanilla that lingers on. Hennessy VSOP is subtle spicy blend of more than sixty euax-de- vie. XO is all about the pleasure, a great cognac for all the great moments.

The fine cognac is known as a wise man’s drink and when had in a proper cognac glass it is the ultimate form of pleasure. The great cognac collection is a must have for all those who want to enjoy its full taste, rich flavor that makes the experience of enjoying your cognac a great one.