Tips on knowing how to buy cognac

Before you can go out and buy cognac it would do well if you were well acquainted and familiar with the terms and facts about cognac first. Cognac is usually graded and one should know what the letters on the bottle mean. For example, a VS cognac means that it is “Very Special” but it is very young having been aged for about 2 years in a cask. A VSOP cognac is a “Very Special Old pale” which is around 4 years old and a “XO” cognac which is “Very Old” and been aged for 6 years or so are the different types of cognacs that one should know about.

If you need to buy cognac you should also know how cognac is classified on the basis of the region it has been distilled. Regions like Petite Champagne, Grand Champagne, Fins Bois, Bois Ordinaires, Bons Bois and Borderies produce cognac with different flavors that are distinctive and attributable to the grapes grown in particular soils.

Most cognacs are sold in beautiful and attractive bottles that would make any collector yearn to buy them. One has to read the labels on these bottles carefully because they give you a lot of information about the whole distillation as well as the type and quality of grapes it is made from. Therefore it is important to be well informed before you go out to buy cognac.

Most people think that if you have to go out and buy cognac it will put a huge dent in your wallet. This is because cognac is an alcoholic drink that is though to be a “royal” one that is for the “rich” people! However there are plenty of brands that are pretty affordable and can be bought at a price that suits your budget perfectly. Rare cognacs and some of the best brands of cognac are extremely expensive and can range from $ 500 a bottle to $ 3.4 million a bottle! These are of course those that have aged for over 100 to 200 years!

It goes without saying that one’s personal taste will ultimately govern one’s selection in the end! Best cognac brands have a distinctive flavor and most connoisseurs can identify and recognize it instantly. If you are thinking of first tasting several cognacs before buying one, it is a wise thing to do. Remember the glass should be filled only one fifth of its capacity. Take care to use your palms to warm the balloon glass so that the flavor is enhanced. Know that a good cognac has a rich, clear amber color. Finally, after you inhale the aroma of the cognac, swirl it around to release the bouquet and inhale once more. You can be sure of the delicious blend of nut, floral, spice and fruit scents. Once you are aware of these tips you can be sure that you will make a good buy.

If you want to buy cognac and be thoroughly satisfied with what you bought, you should be familiar with all the cognac “terms”. For example, “fine” means that all of the grapes (100%) used in the production of the cognac comes from a particular region in France. This means that a “fine” champagne cognac was produced using the grapes that are grown in the Champagne region in France.